Combo Sets

Dear fans, sets can be eaten on the spot, taken home or be delivered to an address specified by you. Delivery cost is between 4 and 8 BGN, depending on the location.

  • Taiheiyo Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    28.60 лв.

    combo tajhejo setNigiri tuna, salmon, hosomaki cucumber, green roll, california tataki, uramaki salmon and avocado

  • Tsukuri Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    33.90 лв.

    combo cikuri setDragon roll, uramaki pearl salmon, uramaki salmon and avocado, nigiri salmon, tuna, hosomaki cucumber, teriyaki and exotic sauce

  • Vegetable Combo - 24 pcs. 350 g

    15.90 лв.

    combo vegetable comboHosomaki cucumber and philadelphia, hosomaki avocado and philadelphia, maki-lite avocado, cucumber and wakame

  • Koto Set - 18 pcs. 350 g

    24.90 лв.

    combo koto setNigiri tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel, laurel, california tataki and green roll

  • Tai Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    40.90 лв.

    combo taj setUramaki tuna, tai roll, pearl and raw salmon, teriyaki and exotic sauce

  • Lite Combo - 16 pcs. 350 g

    17.90 лв.

    combo lite comboMaki-Lite, salmon, smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado

  • Salmon set - 31 pcs.

    46.90 лв.

    combo salmon setSmked, pearl and raw salmon, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia.

  • Kuzuri Set - 48 pcs.

    59.90 лв.

    combo kuzuri setSalmon, ebi shrimps, tuna, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia

  • Miyabi - 24 pcs.

    39.90 лв.

    combo miyabiEbi shrimps, tuna, salmon and avocado

  • Rainbow Set - 40 pcs.

    51.90 лв.

    combo rainbows setSalmon, tuna, ebi shrimps, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia

  • Zen Set - 45 pcs.

    62.90 лв.

    combo zen setSashimi salmon, exotic roll, tiger roll, Norwegian forest, Maguro roll, hosomaki salmon and avocado, nigiri shrimp, tuna and salmon

  • Tanaka Set - 46 pcs. 750 g

    63.90 лв.

    combo tanaka setNigiri shrimp, salmon, futomaki smoked salmon, uramaki salmon and shrimp, hosomaki tuna, cucumber, avocado, philadelphia, exotic sauce

  • Kobayashi Set - 44 pcs. 750 g

    53.90 лв.

    combo kobayashi setUramaki smoked salmon and wakame, eel, salmon, tuna, hosomaki avocado, cucumber, nigiri salmon and shrimp, cucumber, avocado, exotic sauce

  • Ebi-Ten Set - 40 pcs. 700 g

    49.90 лв.

    combo ebi-ten setUramaki salmon and shrimp, tuna and shrimp, shrimps tempura, futomaki shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia, nigiri shrimp

  • Yoshida Set - 45 pcs. 700 g

    57.50 лв.

    combo yoshida setNigiri tuna, salmon, laurel, shrimp, eel, uramaki shrimp, tuna, salmon, laurel, eel, cucumber, avocado, exotic sause

  • Masato Set - 32 pcs. 550 g

    39.90 лв.

    combo masato setUramaki eel, salmon, tuna, hosomaki avocado and cucumber

  • Vulkan Set - 50 pcs. 1000 g

    84.90 лв.

    combo vulkan setUramaki salmon, tuna, laurel, shrimp, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia, futomaki smoked salmon, mayonnaise, teriyaki and exotic sauce

Оценка на ДОБРЕ
Въз основа на 24 отзива
Senza lode e senza inganno Attratti dalla pubblicità ci siamo recati in questo locale .le pietanze sono discrete ,la location poco più lontano dal centro .si mangia sushi e altre pietanza giapponese .da migliorare
karmy M
karmy M
The worst all you can eat. Най-отвратителното суши. The worst all you can eat sushi I have ever tried. The rice was over cooked. It was tasteless. No Philadelphia. Little fish. Only cucumbers and mayonnaise . Най-гадното all you can eat sushi. Ориза беше разварен. Нямаше никаква Филаделфия, съвсем малко риба. Основната съставка беше краставици и майонеза.
Maria S
Maria S
Anazing quality sushi What an amazing sushi place in Sofia !! I came here by Trip Advisor recommendation and it was a wise choice !!
Very tasty sushi This was one of the best sushi places I've seen. Very tasty, good quality and great value. Next review will be with photos! And soon. Loved it ❤️
Do not go ! We visited SasaGuri Sushi Bar and tried nigiri and sashimi salmon. Unfortunately I received terrible food poisoning from the sashimi !
Jivko V
Jivko V
Food and service I've been coming back to this restaurant ever since i started eating sushi. The personel is qualified and friendly and the food is cooked deliciously.
Solo sushi Es un japonés que solo sirve sushi. Esta alejado del centro. Nosotros fuimos en metro y luego caminamos unos diez minutos. El servicio fue amable y el sushi bueno.
Excellent Excellent sushi in a very reasonable price. Very nice atmosphere, view to the South Park and Red Apple building. Polite stuff, quick service. Yummy and fresh. Definitely will visit again:)
Best sushi I’ve had This sushi bar is maybe the best I’ve been in the food was amazing the service was unreal. We was a group of 4 and we ate a lot of sushi the price was fantastic as well just under £60 to feed a party of 4 plus drinks in. Hope to go back again soon.
james n
james n
Brilliant ratio price vs quality A nice place next to Red Apple. Rare to see a very good quality of sushi for a very reasonable price. Smiling and available service...many reasons to visit
Jan V
Jan V