Combo Sets

Dear fans, sets can be eaten on the spot, taken home or be delivered to an address specified by you. Delivery cost is between 4 and 8 BGN, depending on the location.

  • Taiheiyo Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    28.60 лв.

    combo tajhejo setNigiri tuna, salmon, hosomaki cucumber, green roll, california tataki, uramaki salmon and avocado

  • Tsukuri Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    33.90 лв.

    combo cikuri setDragon roll, uramaki pearl salmon, uramaki salmon and avocado, nigiri salmon, tuna, hosomaki cucumber, teriyaki and exotic sauce

  • Vegetable Combo - 24 pcs. 350 g

    15.90 лв.

    combo vegetable comboHosomaki cucumber and philadelphia, hosomaki avocado and philadelphia, maki-lite avocado, cucumber and wakame

  • Koto Set - 18 pcs. 350 g

    24.90 лв.

    combo koto setNigiri tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel, laurel, california tataki and green roll

  • Tai Set - 24 pcs. 350 g

    40.90 лв.

    combo taj setUramaki tuna, tai roll, pearl and raw salmon, teriyaki and exotic sauce

  • Lite Combo - 16 pcs. 350 g

    17.90 лв.

    combo lite comboMaki-Lite, salmon, smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado

  • Salmon set - 31 pcs.

    46.90 лв.

    combo salmon setSmked, pearl and raw salmon, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia.

  • Kuzuri Set - 48 pcs.

    59.90 лв.

    combo kuzuri setSalmon, ebi shrimps, tuna, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia

  • Miyabi - 24 pcs.

    39.90 лв.

    combo miyabiEbi shrimps, tuna, salmon and avocado

  • Rainbow Set - 40 pcs.

    51.90 лв.

    combo rainbows setSalmon, tuna, ebi shrimps, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia

  • Zen Set - 45 pcs.

    62.90 лв.

    combo zen setSashimi salmon, exotic roll, tiger roll, Norwegian forest, Maguro roll, hosomaki salmon and avocado, nigiri shrimp, tuna and salmon

  • Tanaka Set - 46 pcs. 750 g

    63.90 лв.

    combo tanaka setNigiri shrimp, salmon, futomaki smoked salmon, uramaki salmon and shrimp, hosomaki tuna, cucumber, avocado, philadelphia, exotic sauce

  • Kobayashi Set - 44 pcs. 750 g

    53.90 лв.

    combo kobayashi setUramaki smoked salmon and wakame, eel, salmon, tuna, hosomaki avocado, cucumber, nigiri salmon and shrimp, cucumber, avocado, exotic sauce

  • Ebi-Ten Set - 40 pcs. 700 g

    49.90 лв.

    combo ebi-ten setUramaki salmon and shrimp, tuna and shrimp, shrimps tempura, futomaki shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia, nigiri shrimp

  • Yoshida Set - 45 pcs. 700 g

    57.50 лв.

    combo yoshida setNigiri tuna, salmon, laurel, shrimp, eel, uramaki shrimp, tuna, salmon, laurel, eel, cucumber, avocado, exotic sause

  • Masato Set - 32 pcs. 550 g

    39.90 лв.

    combo masato setUramaki eel, salmon, tuna, hosomaki avocado and cucumber

  • Vulkan Set - 50 pcs. 1000 g

    84.90 лв.

    combo vulkan setUramaki salmon, tuna, laurel, shrimp, cucumber, avocado and philadelphia, futomaki smoked salmon, mayonnaise, teriyaki and exotic sauce

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The staff was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING U guys have no idea they were soo cool making sure we were all good and happy all the time amazing just amazing 10/10
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake
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